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ASB Executive Officers and Advisor

Advisor- Jasmine Wang

Ms. Wang is a 6th year history teacher, and is the DMHS ASB Advisor for her second year. As the Advisor, she guides and facilitates leadership and organization skills with students who have been elected to represent their student body to plan and execute engaging, student led events to promote the DMHS STELLAR culture. During her spare time, she enjoys camping and surfing with her 9 year old son.

President- Sofia Nevarez


Sofia Nevarez is in her third year of ASB. Before being elected ASB President, she held the position of Sergeant at Arms, chaired events such as Hispanic Heritage Month, MORP, Holiday Grams, Spring Fling, and Women’s Month. As President she works alongside school administration, clubs, and students to create a memorable and unique high school experience. Sofia is an avid reader, spending most of her free time reading a good book. She also enjoys singing in her community church choir, playing softball, and baking.

Vice President- Bryan Castro


Bryan Castro is in his second year of ASB. Before being elected to Vice President, he was a member who participated in committees such as Talent Show, Eclectic, MORP, and contributed to countless more. As Vice President, he works alongside school administration, clubs, and most importantly, the student body, to create a memorable high school experience. Castro is also Class of 2020 Historian, an activist that works with CHIRLA, a photographer, and is planning on pursuing a film major.

Secretary- Alexis Moguel


Alexis Moguel is the ASB Secretary, and is in her second year of ASB. She has chaired and co-chaired positions of events such as MORP, Valentine Grams and more. Alexis is a member of different school clubs and is the Historian of DICE one of DMHS’s newer clubs about the inclusivity and cultural representation of Latin@ nations. To maintain a personally healthy and organized lifestyle, Alexis keeps an agenda where she lists all her tasks, goals and achievements.

Treasurer- Angel Lei


Angel Lei is in her second year of ASB, and is currently the Treasurer. Before being Treasurer of ASB, she was a member who led committees such as Spring Fling and Talent Show. As Treasurer, she works alongside the school’s financial manager where she helps organize and determine the budgetary finances. Angel is also in the Girl’s Volleyball and Basketball team and she also restarted the Environmental Club. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, trying new food, watching Netflix, thrifting, and listening to music.

Director of Marketing/ Historian- Kate Barrios


Kate Barrios is in her second year of ASB. Before being elected as the Director of Marketing and Historian, Kate chaired events such as Winter Formal and Hispanic Heritage. As Director of Marketing and Historian, she makes sure she promotes school wide activities as well as documenting the fun that takes place at school. Kate has always been concerned about social issues especially in the Latinx community.

Pep and Club Commissioner/Activities Coordinator- Katherine Sevilla