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Contact Information During School Closure

 DMHS School Contact Information  During School Closure 
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Dr. Usmani, Principal
Dr. Perey, Assistant Principal
Mr. Torres, Assistant Principal
Mr. Robles, Technology Support
School Voicemail 
( Messages are checked from 8am to 3pm. )
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Latest News

Opening Community Representative Position

This well established school is located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles and has two magnets, Downtown Business and Electronic Information. Downtown Magnets HS is currently seeking a Community Representative C (class code 8102) to support parent and community outreach.
Opening Community Representative Position Featured Photo


All students are able to achieve high standards of learning and character.
Every member of the school’s community has the primary responsibility of supporting and ensuring high standards of student learning and character development.
When students are not achieving high standards of learning or character development, we must change our practices to ensure that they do.