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Campus Map

Download and/or print the school map.

Parking is available in two lots or on local city streets. Follow guidance for city street parking.


Upper Lot is located at the intersection of Temple & Beaudry. (Entrance is on Beaudry, but this gate can be locked during normal school hours. Before-school and after school parking is permissible. Parking in designated spots is permissible if gate is open.)


Lower Level lot is located at the intersection of Temple & Beaudry (entrance is on Temple). Please park in designated spots. You may park in any non-KCLS spot or in a KCLS visitor spot for up to 4 hours. Please see attendance office on lower level for a parking pass to park in a KCLS visitor spot. Please do not park in any spot marked KCLS only.)


Please be mindful if you park on city streets to read parking signs. Some spots are metered; others will have certain restrictions.

Call the Main Office at 213 – 443 – 2424 for additional information.