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Programming Policies and Procedures


DMHS Policy: Program Adjustments for Periods 1-6 (Fall Semester and Spring Semester)

·      Student or parent initiated program changes should be submitted in writing to their counselor during the first two-weeks of the each academic semester.  Counselors will respond to requests and assess feasibility based on past academic progress and class enrollment.

·      No student or parent initiated program changes will be completed after the start of the fifth-week of instruction.  Documented extenuating circumstances may be considered on a case-by-case situation with parent involvement.

·      After Mid-Semester Reports, no changes to student program courses will be accepted.

·      Advisory adjustments due to intervention activities do not apply.


DMHS Policy: Advanced Placement Drop Requests

Students must to talk with the AP teacher prior to requesting a drop. Requests for AP drops after the start of the first semester are highly discouraged but will be considered. No AP drops will be permitted during second semester unless extenuating circumstances are presented. Students must talk with their AP teacher when requesting a drop during the school year in order for the drop request to be considered. If it is found that a student has been misplaced, the teacher may recommend placing the student in a lower level of the course. In this case, the student will receive the grade he/she has accumulated in the course.


Parent, Teacher, Counselor and APSCS signatures are needed to process drop requests.


AP Drop Request forms can be obtained through Dr. Perey, APSCS.