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Downtown Business Magnet (Business/Fashion)

Downtown Business Magnet (DBM) enrolls students from throughout The District and offers a variety of business related courses including internship programs in the Downtown Los Angeles area. DBM includes two academies: Finance and Fashion Design & Merchandising.

The Academy of Finance offers students courses in entrepreneurship, accounting, corporate finance (financial planning), and international relations.  Students will also take a 5-week afterschool class in finance and accounting at USC for college credit during within the first 2 months of the school year. The Academy of Finance receives support from the Los Angeles Education Partnership and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship in the form of resume writing/interview skills workshops, mock interviews, internship opportunities, and coaching on how to execute a successful business plan. DBM is proud to be sponsored by CIT Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Cornerstone OnDemand, and Cognizant. 

The Academy of Fashion Design and Merchandising offers students opportunities to learn the necessary skills for careers in the fashion industry. Students will have the opportunity to apply these skills during their senior year through an internship at the California Market Center and our annual Fashion Show. Partnerships have been established with FIDM, Woodbury University, and the California Market Center.


Here are some of the magnet classes you would experience, depending on which program you choose:


  •           Introduction to Business
  •           Entrepreneurship
  •           Advanced Accounting
  •           Applied Economics
  •           International Relations
  •           Financial Planning



  •           Fashion Illustration
  •           Beginning Clothing
  •           Textiles and Apparel
  •           Fashion Design and Management
  •           Fashion Internship


Magnet Coordinator: Mr. Mario Juarez

Phone: (213) 443–2424

Email: [email protected]