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@HOME AP Testing - Next Week? Are you CONFIRMED with COLLEGE BOARD?

AP Students: Are you ready to take scheduled AP Tests next week? You are strongly encouraged by DMHS and College Board (unless there is a serious emergency) to take the exam during regular administration.

If you don't know any information about these listed topics below, please reach out to your AP Teacher or Counselor:

1) Confirm with College Board or AP Teacher That You're Taking The Exam;
2) AP Exam E-Ticket and Where to Access It;
3) Troubleshoot Your Technology;
4) Have All Exam Materials Ready;
5) Know-How to Pace Yourself for the 45-Minutes;
6) How to Submit Answers.
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Virtual AP Blitz 2020 Schedule - May 4 - 8, 2020

AP Students Interested in Taking Advanced Placement Courses:

This upcoming week (May 4-8, 2020), you are highly recommended to attend AP Blitz 2020 Workshops through Zoom Sessions Led By DMHS AP Teachers and Supported by the Counseling Team. Attendance is highly encouraged so you can show your interest in taking an AP Course next year and earn Priority Points. Only DMHS students will be allowed to enter Zoom sessions; see link for Zoom codes. First and Last Names Must Be Displayed. At the end of AP Blitz 2020, you will receive a Google Link to confirm which courses you would like. Email your counselor or Dr. Perey (APSCS) if you have any questions.
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