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Welcome to the Grings College Center

The Grings College Center assists students who want to continue on to higher education. We work with you through the entire process - from preparing for college, to filling out the applications, lining up financial aid, and more. We work with you, your parents and teachers to maximize your chance of attending the college or university of your choice and of securing the scholarships and financial aid available to you.


Ms. Carol Grings died of cancer in 2005. She devoted herself to Downtown Magnets High School for more than 23 years, not only as a college counselor, but as head of the A.V.I.D. program, math teacher, gifted and talented coordinator, UTLA chapter chair, and was a member on countless committees and school councils. She was hard working and talented, and always arrived early and left late.
She was always there for her students, counseling them academically as well as emotionally. Ms. Grings always had a positive attitude and never gave up on anything or anybody. And finally, Ms. Carol Grings always believed in the students and in this school. The College Center was named in her honor.

As college counselor at Downtown Magnets High, my job is all things college related. I help introduce students to the idea of college, the different types of school, the dangers of proprietary schools and massive loan debt, how to choose schools and how to apply. Another important aspect of my job is helping students through the financial aid process. My objectives are simple: to help students find the best fit so their college experience is fulfilling and meaningful. 

Visit today! It's never too early, or too late, to begin planning for college. 

Location: the lower level of DMHS, next to the Student Union
Contact: Lynda McGee, College Counselor
Phone:(213) 443–2426