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AP Summer Work

Mr. Sewall AP English
Ms. Dang and Ms. Jacob AP Gov.
Mr. Portnoff AP Computer Science
MS. Oh AP World History
Ms. Fernandez AP Calculus
Future AP Calculus AB students:
Go to:
I expect you to complete everything in the 0. folder by the first day of school.  You are encouraged to work on this together - it will be good practice for how we will learn in class!  Have fun!
Mr. Pisano AP English Summer HW
Ms. Dang AP Human Geography
Ms. Jacob AP Psych Summer Work.
Go to and create a student account using code HJ45X-4HGB7.  All assignments are listed.  If you have questions please use Remind or email.
Ms. Barrios and Ms. Villalobos AP Spanish
Mr. Perez AP Stats - No Summer Work
Questions? please contact Mr. Perez