Academics » AP & IB Summer Homework 2022 (ORGANIZED BY SUBJECT)

AP & IB Summer Homework 2022 (ORGANIZED BY SUBJECT)

Dear Prospective Advanced Learning Options (ALO) Student:  Thank you for taking the challenge to complete a college-level course taught at DMHS.  Please email your potential teacher if you have any questions.
ENGLISH -- AP English Language and Composition (11TH Grade): Ms. DePaolo & Mr. Sewall
ENGLISH -- IB English (11th Grade): Ms. DePaolo
The summer homework for IB English 11 can be found at, click on class title, click on google drive.
No summer work
  1. Use the following link to join the AP Physics 1 class messaging platform:
  2. Sign-up for an account with any email you'd like. 
    1. Use your full name, not a nickname (for example: Michael Albortante)
  3. Download the Slack app on your phone and/or computer; ideally both, but definitely the phone app (do not just stick with the web client). 
  4. Email me at [email protected] with any questions if you're struggling signing-up or downloading Slack.
NoteIt is important that you join sooner rather than later, because this is what I'll be using to inform you on how to prepare for the upcoming year, as well as any other announcements. 
No summer work
No Summer Work
SOCIAL STUDIES -- AP Government & Politics (12th Grade): Ms. Dang and Ms. Jacob
No Homework
Access to items needed to be done over the summer and other aspects of the class are identified in the link.
No Summer Work
ELECTIVE / Fine Arts -- AP Studio Art (9th - 12th Grades): Mr. Wood
1) Please read the studio art brochure below
2) Go to the College Board website and research which of the two portfolio choices you will be doing next year 2-D Design or Drawing
3) On the College Board website look up the AP Studio Art Portfolio examples from previous years students to see the level of quality expected of students.
4) Work on life drawing.  Your works should fill the page and not have any white space (so fill up the background).  Complete around 5-10 sketches.
AP Summer Homework is listed on the following link:
No summer work.

Download Attachments and Complete Assignments By The First Day of the Fall 2020 Semester.

Slide 2 has a video 

Slide 7 Hyperlinks to all the HWS / CONTRACT / Comprehension Quiz



No Summer Homework