Galileo's Revolution: The Copernican Model of the Solar System

Note: This Javascript model includes just a subset of the functions of the full Processing program.
For example, use the Arrow keys and Pause key to zoom in and see how Venus goes through phases like the Moon.

Sun (yellow)
Mercury (brown)
Venus (gray)
Earth (dark blue)
Moon (light gray)
Mars (red)
Jupiter (purple)

Keyboard Controls: Click on the Solar System animation for it to gain keyboard focus. Then:
Arrow keys = UP (Zoom in), DOWN (Zoom out), LEFT, RIGHT
+ Plus key = Speed up
- Minus key = Slow down
P key = Pause or Go
F key = Camera FRONT: On the ecliptic plane in between the orbit of Earth and Mars
A key = Camera ABOVE: Looking down on the Solar System

Note: processing.js does not yet support the shapes3D library,
which allows the texturing of spheres with realistic-looking planet images.